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Filippo Cilia

Indie iOS Dev | Jr Software Developer & Jr Database Manager


App builder

Mario Saputra

Indie iOS developer based in Japan

Ivan Lé Hjelmeland

App Evangelist @Shortcut_no by day, Indie App Designer & Developer at night. | Public Speaker | Firebase Enthusiast 🔥

David Manso 🚀

Indie iOS Developer, creating my life around my dreams | Creating real applications to help real people | 3/5 apps for 2023

Aditya Daniel

iOS Developer 🛠 Apple Developer Academy 2019. Occasional writer

Kenny 

📈 Trying to achieve $2k/m from my apps 🤠 Co-founder


We craft useful and efficient apps.


Welcome! This is my portfolio of apps. Contact me at

Asım Can Yağız

 iOS Developer | Indie Developer 🚀 | Freelancer 🌎 | Space Lover 🪐 ~ Science dreamer 🔭

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